MISSION - iCareforIndia

There's no denying it...we have it good.  Not because we're better; we're just blessed, fortunate, and the recipients of so much hard work and dedication of those before us.  As such, we have both the joy and the duty to give back; to give of our time, our expertise, and our money.  For over a decade, Dr. Lech, ClearVue staff, many of our patients, and others from the industry have made real sacrifices to help others.  About once each year or two, we put together a team that travels for 2 weeks, using vacation time and paying their own way to make a difference in the lives of others.  We partner with local leaders in India to provide eye care, dental care, and medical services to some of the most in need on our planet.  Our waiting room contains many of the same images you'll see below.  These people are, in so many ways, a real part of our practice.

Make a difference

We partner with Healthbridge Global to help with the administrative and funding process for our missions.  If you are interested in partnering with us financially, you may do so by visiting our secure donation page.

If you'd like more details about participating as a team member on a trip, making other types of donations, or have general questions about our iCareforIndia project please reach out us at medicalmissions@clearvue.org.